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The Fraud Landscape - Fight or Flight

Robert Brooker, Head of Fraud and Forensics at PKF GM  | Date: 25/01/2023


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One thing is sure; fraud is increasing, with 4.5 million offences committed annually. As fraudsters and cyber criminals evolve their methods and identify new avenues to scam and defraud individuals and businesses, FinTech must remain vigilant to understand current threats deeply.

With 46% of organisations reporting experiencing fraud or other economic crimes in the last 24 months, action must be taken to tighten the widening cracks across our fraud defences.

In our next Wired-In Webinar, Robert Brooker, Head of Fraud and Forensics at PKF GM & the Chairman at the London Fraud Forum, will examine emerging fraud trends and present actionable guidance to enhance your fraud detection methods.

Robert will explore the following: 
  • The structure behind 'Tone from the top' and if it can prevent fraud.
  • The liability and action for failing to prevent fraud within an organisation.
  • If it is inevitable that 'Insider Fraud' will increase during the economic crisis.
  • Is 'Push Payment Fraud' preventable, or is it part and parcel of an online transaction?
Robert Brooker is Head of Forensics and Fraud within PKF GM and formerly Head of Fraud at Transport for London (“TfL”). He is an Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist (“ACFS”), Financial Investigation and Wicklander - Zulawski Non-Confrontational Interview Technique trained. 
Robert has led disciplinary, civil and criminal investigations concerning Fraud, Bribery and Corruption, security breaches, cybercrime, intellectual property and procurement allegations. 

He has worked in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors within fraud, bribery and corruption, and Fraud Risk Management for over 20 years.

Robert is also Chair of the London Fraud Forum, a public/private partnership dedicated to best practices in preventing, detecting and investigating fraud, bribery and corruption. As well as being a founding member of the United Kingdom Identity Fraud Advisory,(UKIFA)  a social enterprise assisting victims of identity fraud in repairing their identity. 



Reece Baggott
Digital Marketing Executive, NorthRow

Wednesday, 25th January 2023

11:30 AM GMT 

45 minutes with Q&A

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